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Harrisburg, PA native Lamont Jones is a community fixture that has shown tremendous passion and concern for his community. A graduate of Harrisburg High School, Jones persevered and ascended from a history of difficulties to a renewed life dedicated to leadership and mentoring youth and adults within the non profit and reentry community. Within his decades-worth of work in these spaces, Jones has utilized his vast knowledge in community engagement, project management, program training and individual and group facilitation to create programming that has advanced the livelihood of residents across PA.

As the former VP of Operations for Breaking the Chainz, Inc., Jones provided essential behavioral health intervention and counseling to at risk youth and adults, establishing several program initiatives focused on business and finance, social and formal etiquette, self esteem development and positive decision making.  He used these skills in his position as Mentoring Program Coordinator for Sound Community Solutions, Inc. and in his most current role as Civic Engagement Manager for 1 Vote Counts, a non partisan, non profit that focuses on strengthening civic engagement and education. Jones currently serves on several boards and committees, including the Dauphin County Prison Advisory Committee and PA State Probation and Parole Advisory Committee and one of two representatives for the PA Reentry Coalition. His hard work has been acknowledged through awards and accolades, including The Community Ambassador Award, Golden Rule Award, The Victory Award and Bridgebuilder award from 1Votes Counts for his consistent impact in his community.

Jones’ education includes certifications from the UGCSI College of Christian Education in Care-Ready Leadership Life Coaching, Certification as a Recovery Specialist, and MRT Certification from CCI. He also successfully completed the City of Harrisburg’s MLK Jr. Leadership Development Institute Program.  

Jones’ active involvement in the very community he grew up in gives him the passion to advocate and educate the residents of Harrisburg. His desire to run for council stems from his longstanding desire to amplify the voices of all residents, bring solution focused strategies to Council, and helping to strengthen existing models across all communities.


Public Safety

  • Creation of Non-Profit Task Force to aid in coordination of services between systems and residents

  • Reestablishing existing ordinances dealing with public safety

  • Using existing public safety entities to improve relationship and decision making models between municipality and residents

  • Implementation of existing Police Advisory Board to strengthen CSA liaison relationships with HPD

  • Developing Employment Resource Council through city-wide workshops and training including local Chambers, employers, and human service providers to enhance employment hiring and retention opportunities

Economic Development

  • Building relationships with contractors/ engineers to ensure local participation, focusing on BIPOC partnerships

  • Adopt ordinances that support economic growth through joint agreements between County and City that provide assets, direct/indirect assistance, and untapped funding sources

  • Research funding to develop training/education for business startups to promote diverse and balanced economy

  • Push for SMART City, seeking out funding streams to create, develop and maintain SMART City Models (aligning with Comprehensive Plan)


  • Assist in reallocation strategy to fund infrastructure projects in Harrisburg City

  • Reexamine Ordinances/ Codes to assist in enforcement of ‘slumlord’ accountability

  • Seek funding for homeowner expenses, providing financial relief incentives/resources for appropriate home maintenance

Lamont Jones for Council

One Voice. One Vote. One Community.

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